Our Values

Shepherds led and guided their flock through terrain that was both beautiful and treacherous. The heartbeat of BMSG is to navigate the landscape of Christian education with a desire to guide others to the beautiful results of Christian education while being vigilant to watch for the many dangers which lie ahead.

We will travel through the "fields" of Christian education by adhering to these values:

  • Dedication: provision, care and concern for the flock, and even the one, characterized the heart of the shepherd. Our dedication to Christian school leaders will reflect this same attitude in our approach.
  • Resourcefulness: the shepherd encountered many things along the way of the daily
    journey and required the ability to meet each situation with a strong spirit, quick mind and experienced hands. These attributes will be delivered through our unique approach of two experienced Heads of school combined with a team of associates.
  • Skilled: the shepherd led with a watchful eye and tools of his craft in his hands. Our group has a depth of experience but also remains invested and involved in the future of Christian education. Our group will bring both the "tried and true" tools necessary while also utilizing the best practices and innovation which are shaping the future.

Our Promise

The shepherd knew his flock so well that they knew the sound of his voice and responded to the touch of his rod and staff. Our approach is to know our clients through a deep relationship which enables clear communication and effective guidance. We desire to fulfill our promise in the following way:

  • Listen: we recognize that our voice will only be heard when we have listened well to develop a deep understanding of your school. Our approach is to provide guidance that enables leadership to readily hear our voice and enables you to own and implement solutions.
  • Collaborate: the shepherd may have traveled many miles alone but always took any opportunity to gain counsel from other shepherds regarding the conditions of the terrain which they had most recently traveled. Our two experienced Heads of school have traveled many miles but they will also utilize the expertise and experience of others to assist you on your journey.
  • Implement: the shepherd always maintained clear objectives to ensure that the flock arrived at the desired destination. BMSG desires to travel alongside you to assist you to your desired destination. Our solutions will be designed to be sustainable,transferable and accountable.

Our Approach

The ultimate goal of the shepherd was to be with the flock and to provide the best for the sheep. Our strong commitment to Christian education puts BMSG in a similar position. Our great joy is to be among those people invested in Christian education and who strive to see God's kingdom advanced for His glory. Accordingly, we have a simple and straightforward approach with our schools:

  • Initial review: In order to fulfill our promise to listen, we will conduct an initial review to clearly determine need and develop action steps. This review will then be followed by a proposal which will enable recommendations and school resources to be appropriately aligned.
  • Flexible proposal: The alignment of the recommendation and resources will be based upon an hourly, daily or project fee basis. Additionally, upon request, a sliding fee schedule will be considered based upon demonstrated need.
  • Actionable and accountable plan: The plan will include not only actionable items but also provide for ongoing accountability. This approach will utilize predetermined site visits as well as teleconference sessions.