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7 Habits of Highly Effective Boards

Board governance, board training and board retreats have not seemed to generate the desired results. The graphic depicts a small sample of the many voices and organizations who are speaking to this issue. Perhaps we have missed the mark on two fronts. First, do we have the right vision for our “volunteer owners”? Herein lies a unique dynamic that creates many of the challenges which heads of schools face to obtain both the expertise and accountability necessary to lead a 21st century school. BMSG believes that a trustee board guided by mission, vision, values, and key result areas has a much better chance to fulfill their responsibilities.

However, along with the correct vision for a trustee board must come the development of practices/habits to ensure that the vision is fulfilled. Once again, the process of equipping a volunteer in the unique environment of Christian ministry and education presents a major challenge. BMSG has found that a one time screening, new member orientation, and/or board retreat do NOT develop the habits of a highly effective board. 

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Power of Personal Mission