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The 3 c’s of Strategic Organizations

"While starting as a desire to begin a high school program, we quickly realized there was much more work to be done at Tipton Christian Academy. BMSG took the time to get to know us, helping us understand our strengths and weaknesses. They saw past our immediate need for a 9-12 program and opened our eyes to the greater benefit of careful strategic planning. Through this relationship, BMSG has helped us refine our mission and vision, which in turn will allow us to better meet the needs of our families. What we appreciate most is their willingness to walk alongside of us as we grow the body of Christ through our students." - Kate Krull, Board Chair

As Christian educators, we are constantly helping our faculty and students develop a solid biblical worldview with a clear understanding of the effects of the fall. Somehow we miss the fragmentation and fracturing impact of the fall on our strategic plans and often find ourselves feeling more like the magician who is trying to keep all the plates spinning on the poles. How do we ensure that we work with our board, administrative team, faculty, and parents to develop a plan which fulfills the 3 c’s – comprehensive, cohesive, consistent?

BMSG utilizes an approach which aligns mission, vision, values and key result areas from the view of the practitioners (over 60 combined years leading and consulting with various Christian schools). We would be glad to provide assistance which enables you to function as an effective head of school rather than attempting to be a magician!

If you have interest in learning more about our approach to this critical area, please contact us and let us come alongside to assist.

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