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Reflections, Observations and Recommendations

This ebulletin will be an attempt for each of you to hear my heart as clearly as my words. I believe that we are at a critical juncture in the Christian school “movement.” Accordingly, my desire is a clear communication relating to the past, present and future of the “movement.” 

In the spring of 1972, in my 5th year of teaching and coaching in public schools, I began to struggle with the reality that much of what I taught did not line up with what I knew to be true from the word of God.  I taught several science courses that were based on the false assumption of evolution, and the “big bang” theory of creation of the earth.  I also struggled with the wrong kind of role models that I was in the lives of folks I was coaching with.  I knew I did not want my son to be taught what I was teaching or be influenced by the lifestyles of my coaching colleagues.  In the summer of 1972 I was introduced to Christian education.  Since that summer, I have spent 44 years as a Christian educator.

Over these 4 decades of involvement in Christian schooling, I have observed significant changes, challenges, strategies, issues, questions, and concerns.  However, it is apparent to me that certain things have always been, and always will be,  critical to the advancement of God’s Kingdom through Christian schooling.

Leadership Support is the most critical challenge facing our movement.  Do any of these thoughts “keep you up at night…“

  • unevenly equipped boards and board chairs

  • feeling overwhelmed and isolated with the complexities of school leadership

  • the lack of unified, cohesive, passionate teams focused on mission.

Christian school must develop dynamic processes versus static plans. Our rapidly changing world requires a different approach to strategic thinking. Planning often falls short in areas such as these:

  • strategic decision making connections to leadership, resources, measurements and accountability

  • strategic process which begins with asking the right questions and understanding of the duality of a ministry and business approach

  • effective risk analysis that results in action but center in prayer and preparation

I could probably continue with a number of other significant items that are on your list. However, I will finish with these two other areas in which I see a great need. The intense pressure of rising costs, economic volatility, and increasing competition create a need for our schools to better understand the relationship between marketplace and mission. Finally, many of us who have been involved in Christian schooling over the long haul are retiring or fast approaching retirement age.  We need to effectively prepare for our own transitions as well as equipping the next generation of leaders

My years of experience in the Christian school movement have not only shaped my understanding and concern for each of these critical areas but also fueled my desire to help Christian school leaders through the shepherding approach of BMSG. Bryan and Ihave been blessed in our first year to use our approach of listening, guiding and equipping to help schools with many of these issues outlined above.

I hope you will take the time to check out the BMSG website and review our list of services designed to assist Christian schools and Christian school leaders.  We are passionate about Christian schooling and we love the opportunities God gives us to help others.

- Mickey Bowdon

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