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Communication Is All About Preference

Technology has enabled us to customize the content that we wish to read and the way that we want to read that content. Some of us still love the smell, feel, and sound of turning pages. Others love to use sources such as Spotify and Flipboard to tailor music and articles to our tastes. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other forms of social media have become mainstays for both personal and professional communication.

Accordingly, BMSG is excited to expand our communication channels by now providing timely insights, links, stories, and other resources through Twitter and Facebook in addition to our current email and web site offerings. Our desire is not to flood you with information which adds to overload. However, we will strive to provide consistent, relevant, and timely content dedicated to issues facing the Christian school movement and Heads of Christian schools. You will have the opportunity to select the communication method(s) which are best for you. We will try to inform and inspire you, as well as sometimes help you to laugh as you go through the different cycles of the school calendar. We hope that you will select the preferences of communication which are best to suit your device, your time schedule, and your content style.

The Art and Science of Communication

View of a “Genuine” Shepherd