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Marketing: More Than a Tag Line

Over the years of working with Christian schools, we have witnessed many schools struggle with their marketing efforts and truly understanding how to best communicate with their audiences. While they may be highly successful in developing dynamic program and curriculum, they fall short when it comes to marketing these areas, many times relying on brochures and great photography as the only means to communicate their message. In this fiercely competitive education marketplace, it is imperative that Christian schools have a strong, proactive and comprehensive marketing communications plan in place to rise above the crowded marketplace.

Otherwise, you are left asking yourself questions such as:

“Shouldn’t we have an outdoor billboard like our competitors?”

“Do we need to jump on the social media bandwagon?”

“Other schools are still doing direct mail, should we?”

“ We cannot seem to get our parents talking to other parents about our school. How do we develop an effective word of mouth strategy?”

“I am hearing more about having a crisis communication plan. What does that involve?”

At BMSG, we have the expertise and knowledge to help you and your leadership team develop a Strategic Marketing Communications plan designed specifically for your market and goals for the future.  The plan will be based on market analysis researched and obtained on your geographic target regions. This plan will serve as the key driver in not only student retention and acquisition, but also in your overall brand positioning and communication of your value and distinctive in your marketplace.

Let us help you strategically develop an effective market plan that truly communicates your mission, vision and values versus just another of the many beautiful school brochures!

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