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The Art and Science of Communication

There may be no single factor more important to mission fulfillment and culture development than communication. Our culture demands timely, accurate, and transparent communication which must reach multiple diverse audiences in our schools today. Whether a snow day decision, monthly calendar, or student recognition, our communication effectiveness is constantly under the scrutiny of multiple interested groups. Oftentimes, we are left feeling that we are judged more on what we are NOT communicating rather than that which we are trying to share. Further, any void can be filled with misinformation that spreads like a virus.

BMSG has found that a comprehensive communication plan is part of a strong market plan and strategy. This plan may at times be proactive with areas such as capital campaigns, admissions, and alumni communication. At other times you may be dealing reactively with communication challenges that have surfaced through parent or student Facebook, and Twitter accounts.

We have developed a communication framework which will help you to prepare a comprehensive plan that includes print, web, and digital communication. To assist in this effort, our Market Strategy Associate, Lynne Rooker has added Patty Littrell to her team. Patty fits the BMSG profile of an individual deeply invested in Christian education and with a track record of excellence in the area of service which she is providing. Please let us know if we can help you develop a market plan that is supported by a communication plan which can enhance the mission and culture of your school.

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