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View of a “Genuine” Shepherd

This February I had the privilege to lead 34 “sojourners” from First Evangelical Church on a study tour of Israel. We were walking up the hillside of Beth Shemesh when we encountered this shepherd and his flock. This particular site overlooks the Sorek Valley and the setting for the life of one of the Old Testament judges- Samson the Nazarene.

We know Samson to be a man of God with many great exploits but also a man of compromise that impacted his testimony and effectiveness for the Lord. In ways, I was struck by the difference between the power and victories of Samson in contrast to the gentle leading of this shepherd and his flock. As leaders and examples in our schools, we must be ever mindful that our private lives will ultimately be reflected in our public lives.  At times we will experience great victories, and we need to ensure that we acknowledge the “source of our strength.” Other times, we will faithfully lead our faculty and students with little notice or fanfare. God is using us in each situation.

As you wrap us this school year and move into the summer months, may you take the time to reflect, recharge, and refocus. BMSG is dedicated to coming alongside Christian school leaders to assist in the multi-faceted roles and seasons of the leader and leadership teams. Let us know how we might help you in your shepherding role!

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