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Silos to Synergy

Silos develop when leaders try to contain resources, communications and their own plans. A silo functions well to store and separate. Christian schools can easily "silo" around function, departments, school divisions, campus locations, etc. What is needed for our Christian schools today are cross functional teams aligned around a shared vision. The word division actually translates as multiple visions. Further, there is the need to make the complex more simple. Our BMSG framework for strategic organizations takes all of the moving parts in the life of a school and focuses upon student welfare and institutional welfare. Once the responsibilities are clear within these 2 areas, then the role of Board and Leadership can be effectively developed. Ultimately, the mission, values and vision must be clearly communicated up and down the organization. 

We would love to bring our proven framework to your school to ensure that "synthesis and energy" create synergy.

Seeing the forest for the trees

Pressure Point from the seat of a Board Chairman