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7 Habits of a Highly Effective Board

We have found that most Boards want to serve their schools well and carry out their responsibilities well. The challenge becomes identifying and practicing their responsibilities which results in an effective Board. Here are the 7 Habits that we use as we work with Boards to develop these practices into habits.

1. Take all decisions through the grid of mission, values, and key result areas

2. Be intentional in prayer for school and employees regularly recording and reviewing how God has worked in the school

3. Be intentional in building a culture of trust and communication between the board and Head of School, the only employee hired by the board

4. Keep board focused on institutional welfare and empower school administrators to focus on student welfare

5. Practice Matthew 18 principle for conflict resolution

6. Carefully select, nominate, and orient new board members, and hold each other accountable for adhering to board’s values and protocols

7. Be intentional and active in building the capacity of school’s resource

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