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Something More to Board Equipping

Oftentimes when sharing on the topic of Board Equipping, we say that the only section with more books in most book stores than self help is Board governance! We also see in our discussions with Boards that rarely is there overt disagreement with the principles for an effective Board. However, the gap lies between agreement and execution.

The "execution" gap is rooted in the fact that there is no practice. Our BMSG Board equipping sessions cover several elements intended to move the Board from agreement to execution. We have borrowed from Covey's famous book title and called our approach the 7 Habits of a Highly Effective Board. The challenges of parent-peer-volunteer  general Board make-up combined with usual service terms of 3-6 years creates a systemic challenge. Much like a general manager/coach of an athletic program there must be an assessment of performance, evaluation of the "talent" needs,and then a game plan which includes a lot of practice to develop a "winning" program (Board in our case). 

If you are interested in building a "winning" Board then we would love to share our 7 Habits framework with you and your Board.


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