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Moving from Board policies Manuals to Playbooks

We find very few Boards and Heads of School really get excited talking about their by-laws and Board policies. These documents are essential and should be in a perpetual state of review and revision to meet our changing legal and cultural environment (BMSG has developed a Board Audit framework). However, these documents serve more as a reference than truly guiding good practice.

The old saying goes that offense fills the stadium but defense wins championships. We have developed a Playbook Framework which addresses the necessity for both. Our philosophy for a good Board "offense" is based upon the skills of creativity and ability to read the various challenges thrown at the Board. The defensive skill set requires a more straight forward approach which relies upon discipline and a bit of spiritual toughness. 

BMSG has used this framework which works with numerous Boards and Heads of School. Let us know if we can help develop your Board with our playbook.


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