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BMSG Six Sector framework delivers clear benefits to this school leader

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The six sector framework is our BMSG model for clarifying and simplifying the multiple priorities,activities and responsibilities in a Christian school. Clarity regarding student welfare and institutional welfare is then put together with alignment of roles and responsibilities. Jerry Williams had this to say about his experience with the use of this framework.




February 15, 2018

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I just wanted to inform you that our board of directors has agreed to adopt the 6 Sector Organizational Model that you and Bowdon Miller Shepherding Group had recommended to us. The model makes sense for lots of reasons.  By having one person responsible for the school’s institutional welfare while allowing the other individual to focus on the student/faculty welfare means that we will simply get more accomplished and in a much healthier and more efficient manner. 

The other thing that the 6 Sector Model does that is so badly needed in Christian schools across the country is that it provides a solid succession model.  Having been the Head of School for the past twenty-two years, I will now be stepping into what we are calling the Chancellor position (institutional welfare), and one of my main areas of responsibility will be to serve as a guide for our new Head of School (student/faculty welfare).  This model allows me to get out of the way and let him lead the school on a daily basis, but by having my focus on the institutional health and ongoing mentorship of him as the new Head of School, he will be able to grow and develop at a healthy pace. That’s how succession should work. 

The bottom line is, we love it.  Thanks for the recommendation and I’ll keep you posted on the results over the next few years.  You have been a blessing to Providence Academy over the years and your friendship has meant the world to me.    

Take care…and stay in touch.

In Christ,

Jerry Williams
Head of School
Providence Academy

If lack of clarity and alignment has kept you and your school from reaching full potential then give us a call and let us discuss how we might use the framework to move you in a direction which can have the same impact as Jerry experienced for Providence Academy.

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