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In our January edition of High Five, we shared 3 approaches to professional development and development of Biblical worldview (read here). 


We also provided an outstanding resource with the TeachFASTLY program (read here). This month we want to introduce you to another incredible resource which gets to the very heart of Christian education. This article will share an example of the impact and provide a brochure which can provide additional insight into this unique professional development program for your faculty. The preparation of your faculty in this area of professional development enables you as an instructional leader to provide equal weight to subject area proficiency and technology integration. 

Teaching for Transformation – by Darryl deBoer, Director of Learning Surrey Christian School and Teaching for Transformation Fellow

“He was angry. Not at homelessness but at what people don’t do about it. I realized for this man to become a Christian, he will need somebody who is willing to help him and make sure his needs are met. I’m realizing that justice seekers can not only help people by giving to their physical, practical needs, but also help them begin to know and love God and others.”    -Josiah C., Grade 7, Bellevue Christian School

When Mrs. Graves invited her Grade 7 students to explore the challenge of homelessness, it was her deep hope that the students would make the connection, illustrated by Josiah’s reflection, between the world’s needs and their personal faith walk. You see, Mrs. Graves’ deep hope is for “her students to know that God has a plan for everyone, and that they are a part of the family of God – Known, Seen and Loved.”  So, when they read a story in class about a boy who was instructed by her mother to ignore a homeless person, Mrs. Graves designed a learning experience that would connect their learning in English class to her deep hope: “I wanted students to have a similar experience to the boy in the story.  I wanted them to be able to encounter homeless people, look them in the eye, and talk to them like they are a Child of God.  I wanted them to SEE and begin to KNOW…I hoped if I could take them out of the classroom and out of their comfort zones, even for a short time, that would open their eyes and hearts.”

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This intentional learning experience is an example of learning that is designed by the framework of Teaching for Transformation, a curricular and pedagogical design approach that equips and empowers teachers to provide opportunities for students to practice a way of being – justice seekers, community builders, beauty creators, servant workers – while learning the curriculum.  Teaching for Transformation is about inviting prek- 12 students to see their place within God’s story, and nurturing and empowering them to play their part in God’s story….now! 

Read CACE Brochure here. 

We would love to get you started and/or accelerate your efforts with more information about the support which BMSG provides for schools in this area as well as sharing more with you about Teaching for Transformation. 

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