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March “Mashup”

by Bryan Miller, BMSG Partner

The series of articles for this month reflect the “mashup” that occurs this time of year for the school leader. Reenrollment, new enrollment, teacher contracts, spring sports and senior class final activities are only a few of the significant events which get rolled into March. Somewhere we fit in a Spring Break (now with parents taking extra days on both sides!!!) and begin peeking over into the summer calendar and preparations for next year. And these are only the “planned” activities which inevitably become further pressured with the unplanned.

Whether you have already experienced Spring Break or are just returning from Spring Break, we hope you find some articles and resources that will help you in the busy months ahead. In that spirit, you will note that we have added a “resources” section to the eblast. Our hope is that these various resources will help you in the dead sprint to graduation as well as your preparations for the summer and the next school year.

 We have chosen to use the term “kingdom” before the various resources and events to reflect our desire to be part of the larger Christian school movement. Yes, you will also see some BMSG resources, but we are just as hopeful that you may find a new resource or equipping event which may meet the needs of your school, faculty, and yourself. There is tremendous need for us to work together and help each other to prepare this next generation of Christian school students. That goal may be considered multifaceted rather than a mashup!!!

Summer Planning

High Performing Cross Functional Teams