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Summer Planning

by Mickey Bowdon, BMSG Lead Partner

School administrators look forward to the summer months to provide a respite from the tyranny of the urgent, constant decision making, and crisis management that seem to dominate the day to day life of school leaders.  The summer months also offer opportunities to plan, to regenerate, to reflect, and to build vision for the next school year.

June is a good month to debrief the school year just ended, to analyze what went well, what goals were achieved, what initiatives were accomplished, but also to consider what did not go as planned.

The culture of a school is a reflection of the leadership philosophies and practices of key leaders. Summer is a good time to build your leadership team by taking the time to evaluate the synergy created by individual team member contributions and leadership styles.  Summer team building experiences can assure preparation for the upcoming school year.  Bowdon Miller Shepherding Group has developed a framework for team building that encourages synergy rather than silos.

Don’t neglect the summer opportunities to spend time with your family.   Plan some significant vacation time with your family and friends.  Summer time can re-energize your leadership and provide time to get away and enjoy life away from the hustle and bustle.

Plan to use your summer time effectively!

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