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Christian Education: Trends, Implications, and Responses

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Bryan Miller draws upon a number of education sources as well as external sources to provide some insights and implications for the future.

He used a series of articles from various media sources to discuss the changing perceptions regarding the value of a college degree. The implications for our graduates and curriculum are necessary to consider. Furthermore, an article which discusses a different type of work force will also require Christian educational leaders to think about the type of preparation which will be necessary for our graduates.

These articles outside of Christian education were followed with two major studies by Cardus and a Barna/ University of Southern California joint presentation from a recent ACSI event. Some significant research and findings lead to implications which must be considered by Boards and school leaders.

Finally, there were presentations of different “models” which are being used by several Christian schools. You may access the full presentation by clicking here

Equipped and Activated Board

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