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The Heart of a Leader and Its Impact on the Transformational Christian School

Rick provides a powerful illustration of the functions of the right and left atrium of the heart as well as the right and left ventricles. He adeptly connects these functions to the role of the leader.  Here is an excerpt from this portion of the presentation.

The right atrium receives oxygen-poor blood, and the leader receives needy people. The right ventricle pumps oxygen-poor blood to the lungs, and the leader puts needy people on the path to productivity and health. The left atrium receives oxygen-rich blood from the lungs, and the leader invites and receives the flow of every element of the life of the ministry and analyzes each through the lens of his/her heart and the heart of the school. 

Screen Shot 2018-04-25 at 4.55.16 PM.png

Rick goes on to discuss the key points to connect the flow of the life of your school and the heart of the leader – celebrate, operate, innovate. You can read more about how Rick develops each of these 3 points as well as reviewing the entire presentation by clicking here

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