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Transformational Lessons Learned from 45 Years

Mike Sligh shared transformational lessons learned from 45 years of service at the same school. 

This outline below provides a wonderful summary of his presentation. However, we cannot replicate the incredible stories and illustrations which he developed in support of these 5 areas. Hopefully, you will be able to glean a bit of wisdom by a review of this presentation. However, you may want to pick up the phone or send Mike an email if there is a point that hits home with you. 

I. The context for transformation
   A. The “means of grace”
   B. The role of community in transformation
II. Personal transformation
   A.  Exposure of the heart
   B.  The role of hard times and suffering
   C.  Iron sharpening iron- role of honest friends
   D.  Parenting a prodigal
III. Professional transformation
   A. Lessons from an old Spanish fort (we have to “take a lot”)
   B. Lessons from Balaam’s ass (truth can come from unlikely sources)
   C. Lessons from listening (to students, parents, staff) Prov. 3:7
   D. Lessons from the “Darkest Hour” (managing partial information)
   E.  Patience on the ladder (don’t be in a hurry to get to the top)
IV. Recommendations
   A. Make a lot of rock piles (memorials of victories; Joshua)
   B. Can’t quit just because it’s hard
   C. The most important lessons we have to learn, are often ones we thought we                          
       already learned (I Corinthians 10:12)
V. Areas of needed transformation
   A. Replacing dread with trust
   B. Boldness in holding others accountable

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