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Equipped and Activated Board


Volumes of books, hours of seminars and workshops, as well as multiple articles by varied associations and authors have been devoted to the topic of the Christian School Board. Yet, the effectiveness of the typical school Board remains under constant pressure with significant impact for the Christian School and the Head of School. There are a number of "pieces to the puzzle" which lead to the challenge of Boards fulfilling their role and responsibilities. Boards rarely set out to be dysfunctional, disengaged, overly engaged or positioning  themselves to be at cross purposes with the Head of School. However, we see elements of these concerns with so many of our Christian schools today. 

We want to take a "piece of the puzzle" over a 6 part series which will be featured in a short eblast every other week from June 4th to August 20th. Our goal is to provide a short but powerful piece that when all put together properly results in an Equipped and Activated Board. We believe that you will find that BMSG is  taking a different approach with a desire for a different outcome. We look forward to sharing our approach and experience with you over this 6 part series that may indeed provide a bit of summer refreshment!!

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