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High Impact Items Faced by Christian Schools

Paul Young, followed by Mickey Bowdon, have facilitated one of the most unique “gatherings” of Christian school leaders for almost a quarter of a century. The locations may have changed, the faces may have changed and many of the issues have changed over the years. However, the focus on getting “gut level” honest about the struggles and challenges of leading a Christian school has never changed. 

Typically, participants provide the topics which they would like to discuss with the group. Mickey then organizes the topics under categories and facilitates discussion which enables the entire group to contribute their ideas and experience to the topic. This year, the Board decided to send out a survey for the group to respond to a top 10 list of impact issues. Our plan is to use some of the results from the survey to not only prepare for the Roundtable in February 2019, but also to use the results to inform our Head to Head conversations for our upcoming eblasts. We should be addressing some “real world” issues which every Head of School is facing. Stay tuned for more from this survey in our future issues.

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