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A Strategic Plan Cannot Function Without a Strategic Budget


Funding the Christian school is both simple and complex. Simple in that tuition revenue from enrollment constitutes most of the income, and faculty salaries and benefits make up the majority of operating expenses. However, the amount of revenue to attract and retain a high quality Christian faculty and deliver a high quality program becomes complex. 

The annual budget planning cycle typically revolves around a balanced budget with minimal tuition increases and therefore little additional revenue to faculty salaries and benefits. Professional development, program expansion, and innovation as well as reserves are funded at minimal levels, if at all. 

A strategic plan cannot function without a strategic budget. Alignment of dollars needed to fund strategic initiatives requires a 1000 day budget to align with the 1000 day plan. Revenue generation (including annual fund, capital campaign, endowments, and other non-tuition revenue sources) should be pursued more than relying upon annual expense constraints or cuts. 

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