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Personal Leadership Philosophy


A strategic plan is merely words on a page unless "brought to life" by strategic people who believe in a strategic God. This principle is rooted in the famous quote of St. Augustine,

   "Pray like it all depends on God and work like it all depends on you." 

We know that God can accomplish His purposes in any way that He desires. Yet, amazingly, He chooses to work through us. He produces "much fruit" in those who understand their call, follow a personal mission statement, and possess a clear understanding of their leadership philosophy. The Christian school needs strategic people in the roles of Board members, Head of School, and Administrative Leadership team. Individually and collectively working together in the Spirit of unity and utilizing the varied gifts, experiences, and expertise of these leaders will enable God to work His strategic plan through His strategic people. The BMSG frameworks below support both an engaged and activated Board who see themselves as Stewards and Builders of Capacity as well as Administrative Team leaders who seek the leading of the Holy Spirit to develop their personal leadership philosophy.

We would love to help you develop your "strategic people" who are able to activate the strategic plan. Please contact us to help you get started.

Our next segment of the Summer Series will connect the strategic plan and strategic people with strategic funding. 


Essential Questions

1000 Day Strategic Plan Framework