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Essentials Questions to Ask

Great leaders ask great questions.  This is the title of a new book by John Maxwell.  BMSG has developed a series of frameworks for strategic planning, strategic leadership development, strategic funding, and setting strategic priorities.  Each of these frameworks is based on essential questions. Our eblast series for the next several months will address essential questions for leaders of Christian schools.

This month our focus in on 4 essential questions of Strategic Planning.

  1. What has God called us to do?

  2. Where are we in response to God’s call?

  3. Where is He leading us?

  4. How will we get there?

To answer the question what has God called our school to do, we must clearly articulate the school’s mission statement, core values, and key result areas.  Strategic Christian schools are those that deliver their mission in accordance with their values so that they can produce results in key areas.

Based on mission, values and key result areas, the next question can be answered by identifying strengths, weakness, opportunities and threats.  From this SWOT analysis, the school can then determine critical initiatives to be addressed over the next 1000 days. 

Once critical initiatives are identified, each initiative must addressed in terms of the present reality and the schools desired reality to be reached in 1000 days. Then steps of action to be taken must be clearly stated considering needed resources, time frames for each step of action, and accountability for each step.

Our eblast for the next several months will present essential questions for each of our strategic frameworks.

I suggest that strategic leaders, whom God will use to build His Kingdom, should answer the 4 essential questions of strategic planning; What did God call me to do? Where am I in response to His call on my life where is He leading me? How will I get there?

BMSG is actively engaged in helping schools and school leaders answer these essential questions.  We are available to help you and your school utilize our connected frameworks.

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