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The Shepherd’s Heart of BMSG

I have been blessed to have had both of them [Mickey Bowdon and Bryan Miller] in my life for more than 20 years, and I have often been blessed to have had their godly counsel in my own life and ministry. When they teamed up five years ago, their impact upon Kingdom education became exponential!

The godly make the best counselors.
 Their words possess wisdom and are right and trustworthy.
(Psalm 37:30)

Godly counsel. How many times have we looked to someone we trust for godly counsel when we find ourselves at the crossroads of a critical decision or in a difficult set of circumstances? Several Proverbs remind us of the value of obtaining such counsel:

  •  The wise listen to advice (12:15)

  • There is safety in having many advisers (11:14)

  • Listen to advice and accept instruction, that you may gain wisdom (19:20)

But, is there a difference between godly counsel and good advice? Good advice is, well . . . good. It can be really good when it comes from someone with a depth of knowledge and experience. We usually refer to someone like this as a “subject matter expert.” We simply cannot be an expert at everything, so gaining advice from someone who is an expert is very wise!

Godly counsel has one specific difference that goes beyond expert advice: God’s Voice! When someone is able to provide us with counsel from God’s Word by the inspiration of the Holy Spirit to help us make wise decisions, this is an incredible gift. 

Consider this example from II Samuel 7: King David shared his desire to build a temple for the Lord with the prophet Nathan. Nathan’s advice to him was to go ahead and do it. It seems like the right thing. It was good advice. But that night, “the word of the Lord” came to Nathan with different instructions and a promise for David. 

It is extremely important to learn how to discern the difference between “I think” counsel and “God says” counsel. [See I Samuel 16:6-7 for another example of this.]

In the best possible scenario, imagine how we would benefit by receiving godly counsel from someone who is botha knowledgeable and experienced subject matter expert and also has the capability to provide Spirit-led, biblically-saturated instruction. Combine all of this with faith-filled prayer and encouraging support and I have just described Mickey Bowdon and Bryan Miller in the BowdonMiller Shepherding Group! 

If you are receiving this Newsletter, it probably did not take you long to see where I was going with this article. These brothers are tremendously gifted and experienced in providing true, godly counsel in a broad variety of matters that range from personal to professional in the ministry of Christian education. 

When the word of the Lord came to David through Nathan, He reminded David that He had taken him from the pasture following his flock to be the ruler of His people, always accompanied by His presence. What a tremendous reminder for all of us in Christian school leadership! Psalm 78:72 echoes this truth: And David shepherded them with integrity of heart; with skillful hands he led them.

It makes perfect sense to me why the BowdonMiller Shepherding Group logo contains a shepherd’s staff. I’m grateful to have Mickey and Bryan shepherding all of us in this very same way!

- Stephen Reel

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