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A Unique and Fascinating Journey

I still find myself amazed at being a part of a talented, trained, and dedicated group of Christian educators. This fact was clearly driven home as over 1110 Christian educators from around the globe gathered at the “GCSLS” in San Antonio recently. Honestly, we need gatherings like this one to remind us of God’s amazing diversity and unity in His Kingdom plans and purposes. It is easy to be humbled by the work being accomplished in our under-resourced urban and global schools that are doing so much with so little. Furthermore, so many of our Christian schools are operating with amazing creativity and effectiveness in cultures which are actually hostile to biblical truth. Truly they have found ways (often at great personal cost) to use Christian education to become missionaries to their culture and countries. 

Also, I am encouraged to see many of our exemplary Christian schools that are leading the way with creative approaches while also freely sharing their resources. These schools and school leaders are clearly operating with the biblical truth “to whom much is given, is much required.” Ultimately, my hope comes from finding myself at  the same place where I started in Christian education almost twenty years ago. We need each other and we need to help one another. The headwinds which we are facing are significant. But we do not need to face them alone. Challenging parents, increasing competition, financial constraints, weak church doctrine, and a host of other issues can threaten to overtake us and steal our joy.

God has always provided co-laborers who have sharpened me, encouraged me, and lifted me up along this winding and every-changing pathway. Yes, we want outstanding Christian schools in our respective communities, and we must take care of our own faculty, students, and parents. We get a glimpse of God’s design in Paul’s letter to the Ephesians when he talks about the various gifts which are given by the Holy Spirit, “For the perfecting of the saints, for the work of the ministry, for the edifying of the body of Christ.”

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