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Five Strategic Plans, One Strategic Approach

Today we are all familiar with the term of “continuous improvement.” Most Christian schools are operating under a current accreditation process which is based on this approach. However, over the years at Northpoint Christian School, this process has been led by Mickey Bowdon and most recently Bowdon Miller Shepherding Group five times. Mickey has always stated that the conclusion of the 1000 day plan begins the development of a new plan because the school should be different  if the plan was successfully implemented. The Board and Administrative Leadership at Northpoint have taken this philosophy to heart.

Sam Wrigley, High School Principal writes,

“Mickey Bowdon has been a friend of Northpoint Christian School for over 20 years. His knowledge of who we are has benefited the school in multiple Strategic Planning Sessions. His and Bryan’s insight into current trends of Christian education has helped us navigate through difficult discussions about the school’s direction, changing our name, and modifying our leadership organization. Northpoint would not be the vibrant, impactful school it is without the guidance of BMSG. They are both a personal friend and an expert advisor to the school.”

Does anyone know the inner workings of a Christian School better than one who is an alumna and also long time assistant to the Head of School? Amy Darby reflects on her view of the support of Mickey and Bowdon Miller Shepherding group.

At SBEC/Northpoint Christian School I have been blessed to be a part of several strategic planning events with Mickey Bowdon and Bryan Miller, Bowdon Miller Shepherding Group.  Each time they have walked our Strategic Planning Committee through a powerful time of self-evaluation and future planning that has proven to be a more solid future for our school for generations to come.  Our most recent Strategic Planning was in 2017, during a critical time of transition of the Head of School position.  At that time the current Head of School had been a part of SBEC/NCS for 36 years.  Needless to say it was a huge undertaking and not something our school has walked through in many years.  Mickey and Bryan were very thorough, professional, and sensitive to our needs, and their years of experience proved invaluable walking us through the process of evaluating and assessing our school’s needs for the new head of school. 

How could anyone feel prepared to  follow a “legend” in David Manley who served at Northpoint for 36 years, 18 as Head of School. He came into this position from a public school Administration background as part of a search conducted by Bowdon Miller Shepherding Group. Jim Ferguson, Head of School shares about the value of this strategic planning process as part of his transition.

The Bowden/Miller Shepherding Group has been a true blessing to me at Northpoint Christian School.  Although I was a seasoned school administrator, I was new to Christian education when I came to Northpoint.  Mr. Bowden and Mr. Miller have been a source of wisdom and encouragement to me.  They have provided guidance that has been invaluable during my transition to becoming the Head of School. Our school asked BMSG to lead our most recent Strategic Planning.  We had an incredible experience with our stakeholders as we gathered data and sought direction for our school.  The planning session was one of the most enjoyable experiences that I have had as a professional educator.  The time was well spent and inspired needed changes in our school.

Finally, here is the perspective of a seasoned Board member and Board Chair, Mr. Shawn Clayton.

I am in my 16th year of service on the Board of Trustees at Northpoint Christian School and my 5th year serving as Chairman.  During my time on the board we have worked with Mickey Bowden and Bryan Miller on many occasions whether to assist us in creating our 1,000 day strategic plan or assisting us in recruiting and hiring new leadership has always shown to be a valuable resource for our school.  The time spent planning, preparing, and discussing has provided the guidance that I as Board Chairman felt comfortable and confident with a well thought and well designed plan for our school.  It has been a blessing to have had Mickey and Brian walk along side us over the years providing guidance to assist the board in becoming a more strategic driven board and the assistance they provided us during the transition of leadership has been invaluable to me and our school.

BMSG has utilized our Strategic Planning framework to serve Northpoint Christian School to provide continuity as well as enabling successful transition. Not only do we strive to provide continuity between plans but we like to provide mile markers to recognize stages of progress during the plan. Let us know if we can provide the type of support for your school, Board, and leadership which Northpoint Christian school has enjoyed over these many years.

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