Helen Boen

Investment in Christian Education: Fully invested in and shaped by Christian education for over 40 years as a teacher, principal, Head of School, and consultant.

  • Taught English immersion classes for Spanish-speaking elementary students for 8 years.
  • Started ESL classes for high school students in Mexico.
  • Head of mission school for 5 years
  • Established summer school tutorial programs in the US for students experiencing significant difficulty in reading and math.
  • Interim Head of School for two schools while a search was being conducted for the new leader.
  • Academic Dean for PreK-12 school for 10 years.
  • Served as mentor to teachers at Ben Lippen School for 8 years.
  • Assistant Head of School at Ben Lippen School for 5 years.
  • Assistant Director of the Lowrie Center for Christian Education at Columbia International University for 2 years.
  • Established Westar Educational Services and have provided consulting services for Christian schools for over 34 years.  These services include
    • Testing – Evaluated hundreds of students to identify learning strengths and weaknesses, providing parents and schools with practical, effective strategies for working with the students.
    • Conference speaker – Featured speaker at teachers’ conventions for ACSI and AACS throughout the US.  Additionally, was a featured speaker for ACSI teachers’ and administrators’ conventions in the Philippines and the Dominican Republic.  Presenter at the International Institute for Christian Education at Columbia International University each summer for 6 years.  Keynote speaker and presenter for the National Institute for Learning Development (NILD) in the US and Canada for six years.
    • Program Evaluation and Development – Assisted schools in an evaluation of their academic program including the curriculum, learning environments and teacher practices.  Established multi-structured Resource Programs in two schools designed to assist students with diagnosed learning needs become independent learners.  Developed a mentoring program in two schools for middle and high school students experiencing academic difficulty with the emphasis on training them to take ownership of their part in becoming an independent learner. Revamped the Language Arts program in two elementary schools to strengthen reading skills, increase critical thinking, develop communication skills and foster collaborative learning.
    • Accreditation – Successfully led two schools through the dual-accreditation process with ACSI and AdvancEd (formerly SACS).
    • Teacher Training – Provided onsite in-service training in hundreds of schools throughout the US on a wide variety of topics for over 30 years.  Established summer training classes designed to teach the Readers Workshop method for teaching reading. 
    • Parent Seminars – Conducted countless parent training seminars throughout the US on a variety of topics ranging from “Developing Responsibility in Children” to “Painless Homework.”

Consulting Experience: Consulted with schools throughout the world with an emphasis in

  • Teacher Training
  • Academic Program Evaluation
  • Staff Development
  • Parent Training
  • Curriculum Development
  • Curriculum Design
  • Establishing Resource Programs
  • Get and Keep – Training educators to understand and embrace their role in marketing their school.
  • Mentoring Emerging Leaders in Christian Education
  • The Road Ahead Training

Background and Training

  • B.S. History, California Lutheran College
  • M.A. Educational Administration, San Diego State University
  • Therapy Training with National Institute for Learning Development (NILD)
  • Infopreneur Training
  • Countless teacher observations over forty years that provide the content for training seminars.

Personal Mission and Interests

  • My determined purpose is that I may know Him, perceiving, recognizing and understanding the wonders of His person more strongly and clearly, and that I may in that same way come to know the power outflowing from His resurrection . . . .Phil. 3:10
  • To hear, “Well done,” when I see Jesus.
  • To treasure my family.
  • To prepare the next generation of Christians to thrive in the world they are inheriting by igniting a passion in teachers for the road ahead. 
  • Five things I enjoy. . . . .making memories with family and friends in the mountains or at the beach, discussions with emerging leaders in Christian education because they are always filled with thought provoking ideas and excitement, enough time in the morning to ponder the new insight or question God has revealed as I read His Word,  finding unique plants in my garden, and watching football in the fall.