Noah Brink

Area Specialty Associate

Investment in Christian Education: over 35 years of investment in Christian education - as an alumnus (both K-12 and college), teacher, coach, administrator, and parent.

  • Born into Christian education as the son of a teacher who's in his 44th year as a Bible teacher
  • Attended ECS for 13 years and then Wheaton College
  • Worked in youth ministry in Southern California
  • 16 years as a teacher and coach
    • Taught classes in History, Bible, English, and Philosophy for both middle school and upper school students
    • Coached upper school Track, Soccer, and Football
  • Worldview Director
    • Designed curriculum for and taught ECS’ Worldview Institute (mandatory class for all new faculty): primary course teacher and trained other faculty to further the course
    • Worked with teachers and oversaw projects designed to strengthen educational philosophy
    • Designed ECS' service leadership institute - a vibrant program which build the student culture through encouraging students to consider thinking, serving, and leading from a Gospel-driven perspective
    • Helped build ECS' Worldview Foundation Symposium, which welcomed faculty from other schools to see ECS' framework for developing a Christian worldview and infusing it throughout the culture of the school.
  • Assistant Head of School - overseeing the academic, athletic, and arts program of one of the US' largest Christian schools
  • Served on ISACS' Accreditation Review Subcommittee to shape the way that the central states' independent schools are accountable to standards of equity, safety, and justice. 
  • Current Christian school parent

Consulting Experience

  • 10 years experience of developing faculty in biblical worldview integration; designing faculty development programs, speaking at conference, and visiting with faculty at numerous US and international schools for the purpose of growth in their ability to articulate and implement a clear framework for the Christian worldview. 
  • Administrative experience in working with schools to build new teacher induction programs, student leadership programs, and Curriculum evaluations and rebuilds. 


  • B.A. Wheaton College
  • M.Ed Covenant College
  • M.A. Reformed Theological Seminary
  • Written articles for Christian Education Journal, International Journal of Christianity and Education, Chesterton Review. 
  • Presented at regional, national, and international workshops for both Christian worldview integration and student leadership


To prayerfully model love for and dependence upon the gospel of the living and active Jesus that the school community might have: 

  • more authentic and broken self-recognition
  • fierce and free celebrations of excellence
  • rightly ordered affections which are enlivened by truth, beauty and goodness
  • flourishing minds, souls and bodies which make much of God.